Mercury was born in Five of September 1946 in Stone Town Zanzibar and we died when he was 45. Real name was Ferrok Bulsara and as you probably know he was a British Songwriter and Singer.

He was most famously from the Band Queen. He had Incredible and Carisma Powerfully agile vocals. Freddie was the First Singer who figure out How to involve the audience to Expressively join The concert by encouraged People at the concert to sing with Him making with them A Kind of choir. It was really stunning, When the audience clapping their hand’s to his Songs, especially,,Radio Gaga”

This is the one example that shows that Freddy had been really brave and he was not afraid to experiment.

As his first public performance, we can mansion foto pose for The Zanzibar photographer Who received The Local price for the best Photo of 1944 in this city. You can see it there

When Bulsara was five he started attending School for boys Run by British nuns. it was a really rigoristic and Strict School for example The punishment for Fighting was cutting Boys hair.

He started showing his music Talent and Learn How to play the piano Thanks to his aunt.

his First rock and roll Band was the Hectiks which co-founded with him: Derrick Branche, Bruce Murray, Farang Irani, and Victory Rana

Before forming Queen, May and Taylor had played together in the band Smile. Mercury was a fan of Smile and encouraged them to experiment with more elaborate stage and recording techniques.

For example, Queen of the first band who used separated recording. now this is obvious to record separately guitar drums or vocals but then it was a huge innovation. another thing is that Queen was the first band who had a music video to the song.

Members of the Band were: Roger Taylor (drums, vocal) John Deacon (bass) Freddie Mercury (lead vocals piano), and Brian May (guitar, vocals)

they most known songs are

„Bohemian Rhapsody”

„Radio Gaga”

„A kind of Magic”

„I Want to Break Free”

„Another One Bites the Dust”

and the funny fact to song Radio Gaga is that it was written by Roger Taylor but actually that idea came from his little son who was singing something like, ”Gugu Gaga” and Roger Taylor thought that this is the great idea for a real song, and this is how we get this hit.

Freddie and Princess Diana’s friends and they both were famous so when they wanted to meet in private without paparazzi and fans he dressed like a woman and she dressed like men and then they can meet like normal people.

the second fact is that Freddy liked Jackson’s music so he proposed the corporation. unfortunately, it didn’t come out because of many obstacles for example Michael Jackson wanted to take his alpaca to the studio but Freddy didn’t agree with that.

Freddie was a huge cat lover, at the climax of his life she had 10 cats to which he dedicated his album Mr. bad guy. Mercury even when he was on the concert tour wanted to have contact with his pets so he had been calling them on the phone, and just talking to them. this man couldn’t imagine life without those favorites

Unlike cats, Ferrokh hates giving interviews.

The next fact is that he almost married Mary Austin, but he discovered that he was bisexual, but more like gay. Despite that, they were really close friends to the final days. Freddy’s last will was that after his death we want to be cremated and Marry has to scatter his ashes at the place that only she knows. Marine also inherited a big part of Bulsaras property.

The last fact is that Freddie was hiding his disease- AIDS. in his last days he was looking really bad he had braces on his face and he had to wear a lot of makeup. except that he looks really exhausted and fans knew that something is wrong he denied his illness until he was dead. the day after he ends his life his manager officially told about his disease.